Études d'Ingénierie Intégrée à l'Industrie dans le cadre d’une Collaboration Nord-Sud


Objective of the project

The general objective of the project is to create a master's course common to the partner universities of the project (NANGUI ABROGOUA University, the German Hochschule Niederrhein University of Krefeld) to better respond to the challenges of the employability of graduates as well as to the supply of drinking water and electricity in African metropolises.

Three specific objectives have been selected:

  1. Practice-oriented learning modules developed on the basis of dual study (techno-economic and practical) offered by the university in Côte d'Ivoire;
  2. Strengthening of individual contacts between the university and business partners;
  3. The program contains, as essential practice-oriented elements, project modules for the planning, development and implementation (technical / organizational / financial) of new technologies.

Through these three specific objectives, the aim is to optimize interactions between teachers, students and future employers.